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As we approach the start of yet another holiday season and the economy struggles to get back on track, I am grinning ear to ear because my beloved San Francisco Giants have finally brought a World Series title to the city of San Francisco and the fans of the Bay area.

Wow ! I'm stunned. After such an up and down roller coaster ride of a season, the team just bulldozed over all the postseason (Braves and Phillies) to get to the World Series. Then in just 5 games they blew away the Texas Rangers to win the title.

What's even more exciting, is the fact that after years of having lots of big bats in the line up and meager pitching, the team finally has a roaster of pitchers (both starters and bullpen) that can go and take us to the post season for the next 5-7 years.

I like what Brian Sabean has done after all the criticism he has received over the last 5 years. Thanks Brian !

I living in the moment and loving it every time I hear the Giants mentioned on the radio and television, in the newspapers and magazines.

Don't stop the feeling !