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About The Photographer

Wayne Glusker - Husband, Father & Triathlete

I have been interested in photography as a hobby since I was a teenager. My professional career grew out of the love and passion I had for this art form. Over 25 years have passed, and I'm still as passionate now as I was back when I first started.

I am married to a wonderful woman who is a NICU nurse and I'm a father to 2 magnificent athletic sons. I have always been interested and competed in sports (running, triathlons, bowling, cycling and billiards). I currently do triathlons (specializing in the Iroman distance).

I founded Special Moments Photography in 1985 after a very successful career as a sports photographer.

During my sports photography years I became a specialist in women's sports, photographing many different sports and events around world. These sports included softball, swimming, gymnastics, track and field, skiing, running, fencing, field hockey, body building and many more.

My worked has appeared in many different books (Getting In To Olympic Form, Speed Records and Spaghetti, Sports Performance and Physiology and many others), calendars, reports, newspapers (The Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News,), and magazines (Runner's World, Outside, People, Oui, The Runner and others).

Having photographed over 6,000, job's I always treat each client like a family member.

I am most interested in how I can serve each person, family and event by fitting into their plans, not having them fit into what I do as a photographer. I'm an easy going (type B personality) who thoroughly enjoys my craft and those who I serve.

Photography is an art, and each event, person, and object I capture with my photographic eye is like a blank canvas that is transformed into a work of art.

Last but certainly not least, I stand behind the work I do with this GUARANTEE: "If you are not thrilled with the work I do for you, you don't owe me anything".